JHL DESIGN is a multi-disciplinary design studio that is just as comfortable and capable designing a modern, urban spa as we are a country farmhouse. What makes us unique is our ability to deliver a space that accurately reflects our clients aesthetic sensibilities and functional needs, while still evoking a sense of surprise and natural luxury by infusing our signature style.

JHL DESIGN has been a family owned design firm since 2001. Over the years we have built strong relationships with both local artisans and worldwide industry professionals, which affords us the luxury of incorporating both unequivocal quality and individual customization in every project.

In 2003 Holly Freres took over the helm as owner and principal designer at JHL Design. A background in corporate advertising has given Holly the skills to deliver creative design solutions. She effortlessly bridges the gap between running a successful business and creating inspired interiors. Her wanderlust has carried her all over the world. From living in France and New Zealand, and visiting everywhere in between, Holly draws upon a deep well of creative inspiration.